Uggs Norge (my fake, cheap, knockoff Ugg boots) (which are just as ugly and warm as the real thing). All of a sudden, the air here is FRIGID and we have our heater on and I'm back to getting hives again several times a day. (Have I mentioned that I'm allergic to the cold? And also not crazy?) Oddly enough, I'm actually enjoying it.
We spent the weekend mostly just recovering from Dave's crazy working hours. We slept late, took naps, and relaxed. On Saturday, we split up by gender and went shopping.Ugg Boots Alex had some birthday money from Uncle Johnny and Aunt Lynne to spend, so Dave took him to Sportsman's Warehouse and a couple of toy stores. He came home with two toy musket pistols and two sets of Tonka monster trucks. He spent the rest of the weekend playing.
Genoa and I headed out and at first I wanted to go to Portland, but not knowing my way around downtown, I decided to just go shopping in downtown Camas instead. It was nice! They have some beautiful antique stores, a few designer boutiques and one of the best home decor galleries I've ever been into.UGG Womens Boots I kept falling in love with furniture pieces (a stunning round velvet ottoman that would fit right in the crook of our big stair case, a gorgeous armoir made of stamped aluminum that was literally a piece of art and this handmade lamp with a solid crystal base that looked like clear marble) and every time I turned over a pricetag, it read over $5,000. Apparently I have excellent radar for things I could never afford! But just looking was fun.
Yesterday we went over to Carol's house and attempted to clean her garage enough to fit her car in there now that it's getting colder. After a few hours,UGG Bailey Bow 1002954 we got to that point, although there's still many Sundays of work left to be done and a few dozen boxes yet to be opened. It's a work in progress, but yesterday's work paid off when I came across this:dashing through the stores
EquipmentGyrotonic trainers use large machines, each about the size of a queen bed, called the Pulley Tower, the Archway, the Leg Extension Unit and the Jump Stretching Board to assist their clients in achieving comfortable movement patterns and wider range of motion. Pilates trainers use the Reformer and Cadillac,UGG Ascot Suede 5775 each about the size of a twin bed, as well as the smaller Electric Chair, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector and Ladder Barrel. The larger machines for both methods are priced at several thousand dollars each, and are usually found only in special training studios, while the smaller pieces are more affordable and can be used in a home setting. ">